[ENTERTAINMENT NEWS] Sam Larry Denies Being Involved In An Accident


Sam Larry, a Nigerian socialite, has taken to social media to challenge individuals spreading false information about him and debunk reports that he was involved in an accident.

On his Instagram feed, he refuted rumours that he and his family were in an accident while stating that they are in good health.

After spending the day with his family, he said he returned home safe.

Despite the broad circulation of erroneous information, he advised everyone to disregard claims made about him online.

Sam Larry asked for God to punish those who are trying to damage his reputation.

While sharing some pictures of himself, he captioned,

“I, Samlarry, want to use this platform to debunk the false information spreading online about my involvement in an accident. Both my family and I are perfectly fine; we spent the day together and even went out for dinner, returning home safely. Despite the prevalence of fake news, please disregard any online claims about me. While some may seek to tarnish my reputation, I entrust them to God for judgment. I appreciate the concern of my friends and family, but rest assured, I am doing well, and nothing untoward has occurred. To those spreading falsehoods, may your actions reflect back on you. Thank you, Samlarry. God bless your home.”




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